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Pavilion Healthcare is a prime leader in authentic Ayurvedic herbs and herbal remedies.

Dr. Milind Jani MBBS FRCS

Founder, Chairman and Company Director of Pavilion Healthcare International

Dr Asmita Jani BSAM

Qualified Ayurvedic Doctor and co founder of Pavilion Healthcare International

Dr Milind Jani leading recognized expert in the U. K. in Ayurvedic medicine and Holistic Health.

Dr Milind Jani was brought up in Uganda East Africa, studied medicine in Gujarat Northern India and has practiced medicine in the UK for the last 20 years.

A highly skilled surgeon, GP and Ayurvedic doctor he runs a private general practice which uses his own synthesis of modern medicine with Ayurvedic medicine, offering a holistic program for disease management focusing on mind, body and spirit.

Dr Milind Jani regularly gives lectures to Doctors complementary practitioners in UK and abroad. A Medical journalist and column writer for The Observer magazine and the Sussex Argus, Presenter at the Good Health Show, Honorary lecturer of ‘Holistic Health,’ ‘Hindu Beliefs’ and ‘Ayurvedic Medicine’ at Brighton University and Thames Valley University are some of the projects Dr. Jani is involved in. He has recently appeared on BBC TV .

Dr Asmita Jani is an Ayurvedic expert, a panchakarma expert trained by Dr Kasture an Internationally renowned who has trained many doctors around the world.

Dr Asmita Jani runs the Ayurvedic health Clinic and panchakarma Center in Brighton, she strongly believes in the holistic approach to health and practicing medicine of natural medicine and spirituality.

She recognized the availability of authentic and safe Ayurvedic natural products in the UK and Europe, and therefore Milind and Asmita founded Pavilion Healthcare in order to promote these to practitioners and the public in the UK and Europe..

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