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Little bags of magic

By Kate Durrant, Marketing Executive

As the newest member of the Pavilion Health team I’m really excited to share my journey into the fascinating world of Ayurveda. I’m a yoga teacher and writer and when the company’s founder Dr Milind Jani said that they were recruiting I jumped at the chance. 

Yoga and Ayurveda are very closely linked – in fact, you could say, that they are two parts of the same thing – and I have wanted to find out more about this ancient art for a long time. Milind and his wife, the company’s co-founder Asmita, were two of the first practitioners in the UK and their business is established globally. Pavilion Health’s range of teas, supplements and herbal oils are second to none so I feel very excited to be part of the team.

BUT the thing that really sold this business to me was my first taste of the teas. MY MIND WAS BLOWN! They are like little bags of magic. In my opinion, and ok, I may be a little biased here, but they are so much higher in quality than anything else on the market.

It hadn’t occurred to me that teas could actually ‘do what they say on the packet’. Pavilion Health’s teas are made with the highest quality organic herbs and blended to enhance certain healing aspects – cooling and soothing, detoxifying, energising – whatever it is you need at that moment.   

So on my first day at the office, I arrived feeling a little bit hot and bothered. Milind took one look at me and handed me a cup of the Mint and Cinnamon, pitta balance tea. Within half an hour I felt cooler, rejuvenated and relaxed and ready to learn more and Ayurveda!  

Coming soon: Exploring the links between yoga and Ayurveda, tea taste tests and all you need to know about detoxing for summer the Ayurvedic way!

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