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Destress and Revive with our wonderful Pavilion De-Stress  Family Kit which contains just the right holistic products for your wellbeing.

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1. Vata Balance Ayurvedic Aromatherapy oil- Ashwagandha oil with basil lavender and patchouli essential oils to massage away your stress and warm up your feelings! Revive your energy and feel a new person. Massage face neck body with this luxurious warming and relaxing aromatherapy oil daily.

2. Organic Vata Balance Tea - 2gx15 Biodegradable High quality herb blend  with calming herbs Chamomile, ginger, brahmi-gotu kola, sweet orange basil. Revive your self and feel calm during stress. drink once or twice a day.

3. Ashwagandha tablets- 100 tablets per pot-stress adaptogen to protect your brain, mind and  body from effects of stress, calm you and destress you. Build your inner energy.

Take one capsule twice a day. 

4. Chyawanprash- 500g per pot - preserve. The ultimate healthy ageing tonic made from Amla Indian gooseberry and 36 rejuvenating herbs to protect and heal  your body tissues and boost your immune system.  take one teaspoon daily with milk preferably ( plant based milk is also ok). eat off the spoon or spread on toast .

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Vata Balance Kit Offer price 20% Off

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