"Having recently received the Panchkarma detox treatment, I thoroughly recommend it and  have benefited in more ways than I expected. I decided to try the Panchakarma because I was experiencing bad stomach pains, not sleeping and tiredness therefore, I was drawn to Ayurveda as a holistic treatment.
I was instantly put at ease about the treatments and felt relaxed and soothed during them by Dr Asmita who is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. 
The detox programme involved receiving the best body massages I have ever received using gorgeous warm oils  which left my body and mind feeling much more flexible and stress free.
The steam treatments are divine and I fell asleep during each of them! The herbal enemas are very gentle and still manage to thoroughly cleanse the digestive system so I was really pleased that my stomach was benefiting from this.
The fasting during the week was very manageable as I was still allowed three meals a day and I was able to stick to eating the right kinds of foods that were recommended with ease.  
The 7 day programme ended with a nasal cleanse which was pretty potent,  but certainly cleared my sinuses, and then I had the most exquisite, unique treatment of warm oil being poured over my forehead to open all chakras (Shirodhara). This was nothing short of blissful.
 As a result of the Panchkarma I have increased energy levels, a very clear and grounded mind, calmness, less stomach pain, better digestion, heavenly sleeps at night, soft hydrated skin, hair and nails and I lost over half a stone!
Alongside all of this I have learnt so much about myself and how I can help myself further by using Ayurveda to maintain positive health. Thank you so very much for treating me and giving me such a special and invaluable experience."

- C.H. , Teacher, Brighton   28.02.2016